From Cold Lake is a new episodic radio comedy series that records each month in front of a live audience at the PIT Loft. The series follows the quirky lives of the residents of Cold Lake, Minnesota, a fictional intersection of all manner of small-town Americana drama. 

Written and directed by Colin Waitt
Music and Lyrics by Tommy Crawford
Produced by Steve Stout and Kristin McCarthy Parker (Puffs, Kapow-i Gogo!)
All episodes record live at The PIT Loft (154 W. 29th St. NYC)

For each monthly episode, Tommy writes new songs to be performed by Tommy and guest musicians, including Laura Jo Schuster, Wesley Zurick, Anna Dart, and Douglas Waterbury-Tieman, who style themselves the Baumgartner Family Singers. 

Here's a little sample of the music from the series. 


Schedule and Downloads:

Episode 1 
Monday Aug. 8 7:30 and 9pm
Stream & free download at:

Episode 2
Monday Sept. 12 7:30pm and 9pm

Episode 3
Monday Oct. 17 7:30 and 9pm